Who we are

СНПЧ А7 Курск, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

Our mission
To ensure a life with dignity for all animal species, working with the community to ensure that all species are respected recognizing the relationship and constant interaction between humans and animals and therefore the mutual nature of their benefit or harm.
Our vision
To become an organization recognized nationally and internationally by being able to involve people in general. We wish to be part of a society which respects and promotes human and animal life, recognizing that life with dignity requires a balanced and mutually beneficial relationship between all members of the community.
How we work

Vida Digna works mainly in low income districts in Lima and outside the capital. We focus on:

Protection: Through shelters for rescued animals and their subsequent adoption by appropriate homes. (See Annexe A)

Promotion: Spreading the concept of reciprocity between animals and humans. Creating awareness of the importance of all species and the role they play in the world, and promoting the Universal Declaration of Animal Welfare (see Annexe B).

Prevention: We want to achieve this through education on respect for all forms of life, civil responsibilities and training about the adequate caring of animals. We address children and young people in the lower income districts and by educating, and coordinating preventive health measures for animals with local veterinarians in lower income districts (see Annexe C).
All activities are carried out in coordination with community organizations, emphasizing the participation of the poorest sectors of society.
en coordinación con organizaciones comunitarias, enfatizando la participación de los sectores más necesitados.